domingo, 7 de julio de 2013

CLASS TEN. International Cleavajes Shaping the Future: Energy, Policy and Geopolitics

Energy is among one of the outmost questions defining the world´s future. This is so for Europe, the Americas, Asia, Russia and particular countries --see some key graphs here from the International Energy Agency.
Lets tackle the issue listening this pannel with a US Department representative, a Minister of Foreign Affairs from Hungary, a Chief Executive from the industry (BP), and a director from a US regulatory commission (FPC), moderated by Sylke Tempel (1.h:30mn). I will propose a reading from the EU Commissioner on Energy.

Now, please, access here the speech of the EU Commissioner for Energy, Günther OETTINGER: "A Transatlantic Energy Revolution: Europe's Energy Diversification and U.S. Unconventional Oil and Gas" given at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Washington D.C./Washington, 16 July 2013. What do you think of the main points Mr. Oetting raises in his discourse? Comments are welcomed to this post.

Further readings

From a Spanish perspective:

Geoestrategia del petróleo: un factor de riesgo. Martín Ortega Carcel . Documento de Trabajo 15/2013 | 15 de noviembre de 2013. 29 pags. Pdf para descarga disponible aquí.