miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

CLASS TWELVE. International Cleavajes Shaping the Future: Samanta Power: What makes evil to prevail?

Samantha Power studies US foreign policy, especially as it relates to war and human rights. Her books take on the world's worst problems: genocide, civil war and brutal dictatorships. Samantha Power is head of Harvard's Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, where she studies policy as it relates to human rights, genocide and war. She's the author of a famous memo (in policy circles) suggesting that US foreign policy is utterly broken -- that the United States must return to a human rights-centered foreign policy or risk its prestige and respect in the world community.  Power is also a journalist of fearless reputation. She spent 1993 to '96 reporting in the former Yugoslavia, and now contributes reportage and commentary to the New Yorker and Time. Her other books include A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide.

What makes evil to prevail? This is the question addressed by Samantha Power, and she gets four answers to it, touching upon questions as relevant as genocides, wars, frontiers, the lack of civil movements mobilizing to defend human race, that, as she argues are all features of the XXI century.

Watch the video here

Samathan Power latest book is about Sergio Vieira de Mello, a UN diplomat who worked with the world's worst dictators to help protect the human rights of their people.