martes, 9 de julio de 2013

CLASS NINE. International Cleavajes Shaping the Future: Olga Gil work on Networks, Ecology and Global Change

Invited by UNIA and Carlos Montes I chaired in 2012 the 7th Forum Knowledge for Change t in Málaga, Spain from May 30-31th 2012. With the participation of Jaime Rodríguez, Mariluz Congosto, Cecilia Gañán de Molina, Ricardo García Vegas, Concepción Piñeiro, Dolors Reig, and Lourdes Soria. The purpose of the work was to do research and share the answers getting answers on how networks -tecnological, social, states- affect global change:

Manifest Networks and Global Change: Networks to Manage Global Change from Olga Gil, Ph.D

Master classes on Global Change by Prof. Olga Gil:
First Class
Second Class

We believe that current global challenges may find answers and positive commitments from all sources, and we were committed to detect and map them in the 7th Forum. Here the official programm. Our main goal was to understand how governments, institutions and companies respond to citizens empowered by virtual tools and we did a great job, that was published in Chinese, English, Spainish, besides building up a great team of participants that are looking foward to work together on the same subject again.

For example, the case of communities providing services or goods as alternatives to lack of local, regional o national government provision or market failures. We are very interested in how social networks provide channels for changes, mobilization of citizens, companies or customers, from the perspective of each participant. We are interested in cases of governments putting place new and inclusive strategies using social networks.

I myself am also interested on how the type of network mediates the kind of exchange we get --something with further applications, for instance on international energy networks.

For the purpose of the research along the first six months of 2012 we welcomes open ideas and contributions with the hashtag #redesycambio on Twitter.

 A wiki on Hackpad and Twitter-labeled hashtag #redesycambio, allowed us to work collaboratively and openly in order to advance preparation for the face to face work in Malaga.

Additionally the content on Twitter, labeled # redesycambio, allow us to pick up the buzz before and after the event. Beside, we kindly invited RTs.

 To make possible the idea of ​​a Tweet-Manifest, proposed by Carlos Montes, and to measure the impact, we have set up a window in Storify.

Mariluz Congosto prepared this experiment available here maping and measuring with all the data available the conversation emerging before and after the meeting in Málaga.

We started working with sources such as: Manuel Castells [in Spanish], James Fowler and Nicholas Christakis [English].

Together with the participants mentioned, we are informing people we consider relevant, and we welcome open participation, since we are interested in global and multifaceted perspectives: social, political, and economic perspectives.