jueves, 29 de agosto de 2013

CLASS TWO: Bibliography and other recommendations for those interested on international topics

I have two very interesting recommendations for students enrolled in the MBA at EOI this year and have an interest on international topics and trends. Here we have two free courses you might explore:

If you enroll, feel free to share your impressions over the comments to this post. I will be very interested to read them.

Furthermore, for this class you will have to understand the basics of theories that allow us to make analysis in International Relations: Idealism, Realism, Sociology and History in International Relations -from behaviorism to funtionalism and Philosophy of history- Imperialism, theories of an interdependent world -international regimes theory and neorealism- and the main debates that nowadays shake the discipline: identities, globalization, estructural violence, poststructuralismhumanitarianism and ecology- as well as reactivism.

Source for image: Wikipedia

On core documents:
This document from +@UN touching upon issues such as energy, the environment, food, health, nuclear energy, and the issue of global instruments needed to deal with them --and we are thankful to Martin Ortega Carcelén for the recommendation.

On books I recommend two very good sources in Spanish:
  • The Atlas Histórico Mundial published by Ismo in the Fundamentos collection is a must have.
  • Together with the Diccionario de Relaciones Internacionales y Política Exterior coordinated by Juan Carlos Pereira Casteñares, and published by Ariel in 2008. Juan Carlos Pereira is catedrático de Contemporary History of International Relations at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Posgraduate in Defense Studies: Altos Estudios de Defensa Nacional (Ministerio de Defensa) and CEHRI President.
  • In Spanish: the Journal Relaciones Internacionales, edited by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.